Transfers FAQs

What if I want to order 15 Names or numbers for my team?

Just use the ENTER DETAILS line to type in all the names and leave a space between each one.  Same for numbers or words. Just be careful to check long names are not too big for the shirt, see next question.

How long is my word going to be, will it fit on a shirt?

As you type in the ENTER DETAILS box, the approx. length of the word will appear in the box below your typing. Different fonts will result in different length of words.

What does FONT SIZE mean on the order form?

The font size is the height of the capital letters in your selected font. You may order lower case letters but the font size will still show as the upper case height. We do not measure to the bottom of  “below the line letters” such as y, j and g.  The vertical measurement of the height of upper case letters is shown on the left hand side of the display box.

Basic, Medium, Large and Extra large Fonts.

Fonts are arranged so that larger fonts that are spread out will use more material and therefore are slightly more expensive.

What’s the difference between a Flock transfer and PVC transfer?

Flock is a thin layer of material , similar to a slice of velvet or suede.  It is slightly furry when applied to a garment. Flock is soft and flexible.
PVC is more shiny and similar to a thin plastic film. After the application an iron can not be applied directly to the PINK  PVC so iron the garment inside out.

When can we expect dispatch of our order and postage options?

Orders are usually dispatched the next working day. We live in country South Australia so expect an extra day for delivery. Express post orders take two days to metropolitan areas and not overnight.

Do you provide instructions?

Instructions are posted with the goods.

Will they stay adhered to the garment, and any special washing instructions?

If you follow the instructions the transfers will stay on the garment. We cant guarantee everyone’s iron is good for cotton temperature or that the instructions are followed correctly. No special washing requirements, but avoid bleaches and prefer not to use clothes driers.

What material is OK to use with your transfers?

The transfers will adhere to any material that you can wash and iron. This includes polyester, cotton, poly cotton, cool dry sports material and more.  They will NOT stick to waterproof material like nylon raincoats etc.